The year will start with the Helen Sjöholm tour. Always wonderful to work with her and Martin Östergren! The band also includes Thomas Bergquist and Ulric Johansson.

Then there are a few gigs with Trio X (Lennart Simonsson, Per V. Johansson and Jocke Ekberg). We will play music from our upcoming album, "Psalmer".

The rest of the year will bring new meetings and challenges as well as the continuation of older collaborations.

I am still the Musical Director of the Polar Music Prize, and I will do an extensive tour with the Cleo Band in the fall.

I will do several gigs based on my songs for children, sometimes solo, sometimes with a rythm section. And in September I will do it with the fabulous group Damn!

I will play my Yamaha SA2200 through the fantastic amp that John Olsson has built for me! And my acoustic guitars will be either my Bohlin Nylon String or my Michael Sandén Steel String.

I will continue my collaboration with the fantastic poet and lyricist, Lotta Olsson. Our first project, Bakgårdens Orkester was picked by the theater company, Skottes, and we are now exploring writing more tunes for children - and grown-ups!

For some "old news" - please check out some earlier performances on the links page!
Some more links can also be found on youtube under my nickname Jojje Wadenius.